Grand Pianos

Grand Pianos

Shigeru Kawai Grand Pianos


  The Shigeru Kawai Concert Series Pianos are the personal legacy of Shigeru Kawai who, prior to his passing in 2006, devoted his entire life’s work to the art of the piano. The unique instruments that bear his name are so elegantly designed and meticulously crafted that they are proudly characterized as The Premier Pianos of Japan. Each Shigeru Kawai piano …(more >>)

Kawai GL Series Grand Pianos

Kawai GL Series Professional Grand Pianos Drawing upon years of intelligent engineering & technical artistry, Kawai has created an exceptional instrument line that offers the rich, full-bodied tone of a classic grand in a variety of classic sizes. Featuring high end appointments not usually found on instruments in this segment, The all new GL Series is a new benchmark in the industry. With its resonant tone, classic …(more >>)

Kawai GX-BLAK Series Grand Pianos

Kawai GX-BLAK Series Grand Pianos The Kawai GX-BLAK Series transforms craftsmanship into artistry.  Here you will find the most advanced pianos of the modern age—instruments that combine the latest technology with the time-tested principles of old-world craftsmanship to provide a Sublime musical experience. Special Features: Kawai’s Exclusive Millennium III Action – Featuring ABS-Carbon Technology with Carbon Fiber Exclusive NEOTEX™Key Surfaces …(more >>)



Grand Pianos for the Concert Pianist in Us All

Picture yourself walking into the spotlight of a distinguished concert hall, the audience waiting in quiet anticipation as you sit down to play Beethoven’s Moonlight Sonata. Now imagine being able to recreate that experience in your own home with a Kawai grand piano from Lacefield Music.

What sets grand pianos apart from all other types of pianos is their longer string lengths, bigger soundboards, and more robust cabinet. All else being equal, longer pianos with longer strings produce a larger, richer sound. This is why grand pianos are the only choice for the serious performer.

Lacefield Music is your source for Kawai Grand Pianos.

The entire experience was just wonderful, and it was just great to not have any pressure sales tactics. Everyone was sincere and honest about everything. I could not be happier with my Kawai Grand piano, right now!” -Jeff White

Beauty and Elegance in Tone and in Design

Because of their design, grand pianos offer a wider dynamic tonal range and greater volume power and control than other types of pianos. This allows the player to beautifully express the varying dynamics of even the most difficult piano concerto. Grand pianos also possess a unique “gravity based” keyboard action design, meaning that the action parts return to their original position naturally. The grand piano generally has longer bass strings, which gives the piano a stronger presence. And because of its horizontal position, the grand piano soundboard is not blocked by a wall, allowing the sound to envelop the pianist as he or she strokes the keys.

Grand pianos produce beautiful, brilliant, sustaining tones unmatched by any other musical instrument. The grand piano is also unmatched in style and elegance, making it a beautiful addition to any home. Just imagine it – a Kawai grand piano from Lacefield Music as the centerpiece of your sitting room.

Kawai Grand Pianos

  • Unmatched in beauty
  • Powerful, sustaining tones
  • Wide dynamic range
  • Gravity based action and touch
  • A musical experience that will transform your home into a concert hall

A Sublime Musical Experience

The Kawai grand piano transforms craftsmanship into artistry. Kawai offers the most advanced pianos of the modern age – instruments that combine the latest technology with the time-tested principles of old-world craftsmanship to provide a sublime musical experience.

Kawai’s commitment to excellence is evident in every piano they make. That’s why Lacefield Music has chosen them as our primary piano maker. Kawai grand pianos feature Kawai’s proprietary Millennium III action. The Millennium III action utilizes ABS-Carbon Action parts. This new composite material is incredibly sturdy and rigid, allowing Kawai to make the action parts lighter without sacrificing strength. The Millennium III action is stronger, faster, and offers greater power than conventional actions, as well as better control. Come into Lacefield Music and see for yourself why everyone is talking about Kawai grand pianos. All our Kawai grand pianos come with a Full 10 year Warranty – the best piano warranty available.

A carefully crafted and properly maintained grand piano will provide years of musical pleasure. Lacefield Music will help you find a Kawai grand piano to transform your home into a music hall.


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