Group Piano Classes

Group Piano Classes

Free Unlimited Group Piano Classes for All Skill Levels

When you purchase a piano or organ at Lacefield Music, you get FREE group piano classes. Any level. Any store. You will not find better service anywhere else!

Throughout the week, Lacefield Music piano instructors teach small group piano classes for all skill levels at each of our stores. Any Lacefield Music piano owner is welcome to register for any of our group piano classes. With a wide variety of age groups and skill levels, you’re bound to find a class that’s right for you.

Learning Piano Has Never Been So Much Fun with our Piano Classes

For most music students, learning has always taken place in a group setting. That is, unless you played piano, where private lessons are the norm. But at Lacefield Music, we’re changing all that with our free unlimited group lessons for all Lacefield piano owners. Why should everyone else have all the fun?

In our small group piano classes, students learn piano skills side by side with other students of their same skill level who are also pursuing the dream of learning to play piano. And don’t worry, everyone has their own piano.

There’s no taking turns or having to share. Students get the same type of instruction they would receive with one-on-one lessons, but they also get the camaraderie that comes along with playing in an orchestra or band.

What’s more, it’s all free with your Lacefield Music purchase.

Taking Piano Classes > Do You Have the Talent or Teachability to Play?

Playing the piano has always appealed to you, and now you’re finally ready to give it a whirl. Or maybe your kid is begging to take lessons. It’s difficult to pull the trigger though because you’re wondering if you have (or your child has) the talent or teachability to play, and whether the investment in an instrument and piano classes …(more >>)

Advanced Piano Classes

Lacefield Music’s Advanced Piano Classes. Advanced classes take the piano playing journey one step further. This series is recommended for those that have completed all levels of the Lacefield Music Piano Course and the Lacefield Music Intermediate Course. We still learn a song every week, but we also explore more music theory. When it comes to playing chords and melody, …(more >>)

Specialty Piano Classes

Lacefield Music’s Specialty Piano Classes. Specialty classes are for specific types of music. Do you want to learn how to play Billy Joel? Maybe you love classical, blues, gospel, or jazz. Have you always dreamed of being able to play the music from Phantom of the Opera? Holiday Music? The theme is determined on what is requested the most. You …(more >>)

Intermediate Piano Classes

Lacefield Music’s Intermediate Piano Classes. Intermediate piano classes are our first venture into reading music notation without the notes written in them. We use the Hal Leonard “Your First Fake Book” as the accompaniment book we play our new music out of. This book has many songs you will love playing and it also expands on the concepts you have learned …(more >>)

Level 3 Piano Classes

Lacefield Music’s Level 3 Piano Classes. If you had looked at Level 3 before you started Level 1, you would not have believed that you would ever make it that far! These classes will really show off your progress.  You will be so successful playing the songs in Level 3, your friends and family will be amazed. Level 3 has some …(more >>)

Level 2 Piano Classes

Lacefield Music’s Level 2 Piano Classes. The Lacefield Music Level 2 Piano Class is a fun and easy way to continue your classes. Lacefield Music’s goal in all classes is for you to learn quickly AND painlessly. Level 2 is a seamless transition from the level 1 that is designed to improve your playing every single week without demanding too much …(more >>)

Level 1 Piano Classes

Lacefield Music’s Level 1 Piano Classes. This class is innovative and exciting because you will learn to read music, and play both right and left hand in just eight weeks!  The Lacefield Music way of learning the piano is the same way professionals play when they’re in a band or playing out in a restaurant. When you leave Lacefield Music’s …(more >>)

Let’s recap:

  • A lifetime of adult group piano classes
  • Skilled teachers
  • Instruction tailored to all skill levels
  • Camaraderie and fun
  • All FREE with a Piano or Lowrey Organ purchase!

What’s not to love about that? Click here for more information.

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