Determining Your Entertainment Budget: How Much Does a Piano Cost?
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Pre Owned Pianos

Piano Playing Can Fit Any Budget

If you want to buy your first piano, you are likely inclined to ask, “How much does a piano cost?”. Of course we want to buy responsibly, and estimate costs to figure out if we have the necessary budget. But when it comes to buying a piano, you should not let cost lead your decision. That said, we’re still happy to answer the question.

Pianos Come in Many Shapes, Sizes and Prices

You will find a huge array of pianos while shopping, from acoustic to digital, and from grand to console. Prices range from $200 to over $100,000, so you can truly spend as little or as much on a piano as your budget allows.

First, know that price should not lead your way when deciding which piano to buy. You should consider who’s going to be playing the piano (skill level), what it will be used for, where you’ll keep the piano and how often you may move in the near future, for example.

But it’s wise to do your research. So let’s examine how much does a piano cost? Here are some general price ranges categorized by piano types.


 Ideal For


   Half-sized keyboards  Learning on    $200 – $250
   Digital  Recording    $500 – $2,000
   Upright  Limited horizontal space    $1,000 – $2,000
   Console or studio  Limited horizontal space    $2,000 – $8,000
   Baby grand  Performance, limited space    $4,000 – $8,000
   Grand  Performance    $10,000 – $50,000
   Concert grand  Performance, professional use    $30,000 – $100,000

When you begin looking at specific pianos, a good resource for estimating the cost of a piano is the Bluebook of Pianos.

Other Things That Play Into “How Much Does a Piano Cost”

Of course, when shopping for a piano, you should consider a few other things that may play into your true overall price.

  • Types of PianosHow much does the dealer charge for delivery?
  • Will you need a piano bench and is it included? This may be an additional $50-$500 or even more for a grand piano bench.
  • Does the dealer offer trade-up, so that if you buy a piano new piano later, part or all of the price of your current one will be applied to it, saving you money?
  • Does the dealer and/or manufacturer off a warranty?

Buying a piano may be overwhelming at first. And while you need to budget for it, don’t necessarily tie yourself down by budget. You should get a piano that feels right to you (or whoever will be playing it) so you will fully enjoy playing. And ideally, choose a piano that’s slightly above your playing ability so it still inspires you as your playing skills advance.

So when asking how much does a piano cost, remember:

  1. Price should not limit you. You can find a piano that fits your budget but it must fit your needs first, or you won’t be inclined to play.
  2. Prices range depending on size and type.
  3. You may have add-ons to consider like a bench, delivery or foot pedals for digital pianos.
  4. You can save money with trade-up offers.
  5. When you shop at a dealer with both new and pre-owned pianos, you have more options that will fit within your budget.

Of course, the staff at Lacefield Music is happy to help you find pianos that fit your playing needs first. Then they can guide you to choices that fit within your budget, whether from a wide selection of new pianos or smaller collection of quality used pianos.

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