Kawai vs Steinway > Sizing Up Major Piano Makers
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When shopping for a new piano, you may already know some of your preferences, like grand vs upright or digital vs acoustic. But deciding which brand may be a little more difficult to decipher, as there are major contenders. So let’s compare Kawai vs Steinway to help make your choice of brand a little simpler.

A Look Into Their Histories > Kawai vs Steinway

Kawai vs Boston PianosFor more than 80 years and now as a third generation company carrying out its founder Koichi Kawai’s vision, the Kawai brand has earned utmost respect for producing an unprecedented blend of traditional piano craftsmanship with the latest in technology and design.

Founded in Hamamatsu, Japan, this piano maker has earned The Winner’s Choice for both environmental and technological leadership in the industry, thanks to its renowned Shigeru Kawai Research and Development Laboratory.

Steinway & Sons began its mission to make the finest pianos in the world in 1853, thanks to German immigrant Henry Engelhard Steinway. The New York based company continues to build their pianos one at a time to assure uncompromised quality, sound, touch, beauty and investment value.

When looking at Steinway vs Kawai’s histories, both brands have displayed excellence and innovation throughout many years and economical situations. This just goes to show that nothing can diminish the love of this unique instrument!

A Performance Review of Two Master Piano Makers

Both Kawai vs Steinway have mastered production of many types of pianos, including grand, upright and digitals.

Steinway aims to offer superior sound and responsive touch that will impress even the most demanding pianists, through these innovations.

  • Patented Diaphragmatic soundboard
  • Accelerated Action
  • Hexagrip pinblock

Plus Steinway craftsmen and women carefully balance and adjust the keys and shape, harden or soften each hammer to create the piano’s unique voicing.

Meanwhile, Kawai focuses on using lighter but more rigid materials, for ease of play, quicker response, enhanced clarity and greater durability. For example:

  • Its carbon-fiber reinforced ABS Styran plastic provides a faster return, allowing you to play soft tones while quickly playing repeated notes or trills with outstanding clarity.
  • A lower tension design allows greater tone depth, making bass notes deeper and treble notes softer.
  • A redesigned jack with a microscopic surface texture offers unparalleled control for pianissimo playing.

In addition, voicers of Kawai pianos receive special instructions for voicing hammers, which are made differently from Steinway hammers.

Piano enthusiasts, church leaders, teachers and students around the globe rely on Kawai pianos for amazing performance.

Before you decide Kawai vs Steinway, or even which type of piano you prefer, it’s best to play a variety in person so you can choose one with sound and playability that win you over.

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