Adult Piano Class Levels Explained

Level 1 Piano Classes

Level 1 Piano Classes (Ages 18+)

This class is innovative and exciting because you will learn to read music, and play both right and left hand in just eight weeks!  The Lacefield Music way of learning the piano is the same way professionals play when they’re in a band or playing out in a restaurant.

When you leave Lacefield Music’s level 1 piano class after the eight weeks, you will be able to play at least eight songs and maybe even your favorite song!

Songs include: Memory, Amazing Grace, Ode to Joy and more.

Level 2 Piano ClassesLevel 2 Piano Classes (Ages 18+)

The Lacefield Music Level 2 Piano Class is a fun and easy way to continue your classes.

Lacefield Music’s goal in all classes is for you to learn quickly AND painlessly. Level 2 is a seamless transition from the level 1 that is designed to improve your playing every single week without demanding too much time and effort.

You will start to sound as if you had played for several years by the time you finish Lacefield Music’s Level 2 Piano Class.

Songs include: Scarborough Fair, Fur Elise, and Silent Night.

Level 3 Piano ClassesLevel 3 Piano Classes (Ages 18+)

If you had looked at Level 3 before you started Level 1, you would not have believed that you would ever make it that far! These classes will really show off your progress.  You will be so successful playing the songs in Level 3, your friends and family will be amazed.

Level 3 has some fun new introduction and endings, new left hand accompaniments and you will play songs you had only dreamed of ever playing.

After Lacefield Music’s Level 3 Piano Class, you are ready for the big time! You will have played some of the real gems in any piano players repertoire!

Songs include: Canon In D, House of the Rising Sun, Chopin’s Nocturne, and The Entertainer.

Intermediate Piano ClassesIntermediate Piano Classes (Ages 18+)

Intermediate piano classes are our first venture into reading music notation without the notes written in them.

We use the Hal Leonard “Your First Fake Book” as the accompaniment book we play our new music out of. This book has many songs you will love playing and it also expands on the concepts you have learned in the Lacefield Music beginning courses.

This is the class you’ve been waiting for to play the pop music you’ve been dreaming of. Lacefield Music will hold your hand and walk you through the difficult part of this new music.

This series is recommended for those that have completed the Lacefield Music Piano Course.When its all said and done and you will be proud at how far you have come!

Advanced Piano ClassesAdvanced Piano Classes (Ages 18+)

Advanced classes take the piano playing journey one step further. This series is recommended for those that have completed all levels of the Lacefield Music Piano Course and the Lacefield Music Intermediate Course.

We still learn a song every week, but we also explore more music theory. When it comes to playing chords and melody, knowledge is power.

The more knowledge you have about how music works, the better you will be able to anticipate what comes next in the song you are playing!

This will increase your speed and you will be more accurate when you play your favorite songs. You will reach new heights with your hobby of making music!

Specialty Piano ClassesSpecialty Piano Classes (Ages 18+)

Specialty classes are for specific types of music. Do you want to learn how to play Billy Joel? Maybe you love classical, blues, gospel, or jazz. Have you always dreamed of being able to play the music from Phantom of the Opera? Holiday Music?

The theme is determined on what is requested the most. You literally have a say in what you want to learn! We have specialty classes for all of these types of music.

These classes are fun, inventive, and will widen your musical repertoire. As an added bonus, this series is perfect for those with a busy schedule.

Its no problem to jump in at any point or to pick up where you left off if you have to miss a few sessions! This class is open for all levels of ability.