Lowrey Marquee

Lacefield Music – the Authorized Lowrey Organ Dealer in Missouri.

As the authorized Lowrey Dealer in Missouri, Lacefield Music’s factory-trained personnel will ensure you receive the full benefits of being a Lowrey owner. Our Lowrey Magic Classes are guaranteed fun for musicians of all ages and skills.

Isn’t it time you stopped dreaming of making music and started actually doing it? Come by Lacefield Music and bring home a Lowrey instrument today.


Lowrey EZ2

Making music has never been so easy thanks to the EZ2. Lowrey’s State-of-the Art technology makes it possible to start playing immediately! Even though the EZ2 is compact it is packed with a generous assortment of authentic voices and intuitive player controls. The perfect start to a new hobby.

  • EZ2
  • Rosewood
  • 33” Tall
  • 38” Width
  • 14.5” Depth
  • 75lbs (with bench)


Lowrey EZ4

The EZ4 dramatically expands upon the EZ2 and offers the versatility of a dual keyboard! Full, breathtaking sound. Large print and graphics make playing the EZ4 a breeze!

  • EZ4
  • Rosewood
  • 42” Tall
  • 42.5” Width
  • 20” Depth
  • 106 lbs. (with bench)


Lowrey EZP8

The EZP8 is the Virtual Orchestra in an 88-note design. It also feels like a grand piano. Like the rest of the EZ series, the EZP8 includes Lowrey’s all new “Performer Technology” that lets you create three different musical landscapes. To choose sound like a Pianist, a Guitarist, or even a Full Band!

  • EZP8
  • Rosewood
  • 33” Tall
  • 54” Width
  • 16” Depth
  • 92lbs (with bench)



Lowrey EZ10

Lowrey packs a big punch with the EZ10. Full sounds and lots of them separate the EZ10 from the rest of the pack. Lowrey’s made a concerted effort to include many Elite level features in the EZ10. They did not disappoint. Never before has an instrument of this caliber been offered at such an affordable price!

  • EZ10
  • Rosewood
  • 37” Tall
  • 43” Width
  • 21” Depth
  • 150lbs (with bench)


Lowrey FanfareLowrey Fanfare

Part of the Lowrey’s advanced EY series, the Fanfare is an incredibly easy to play and stunningly elegant instrument. Large buttons & large print makes you feel right at home.  It is no wonder that the Fanfare is one Lowrey’s most popular models!

  • EY300
  • Natural Cherry or Mahogany
  • 46” Tall
  • 45” Width
  • 24” Depth
  • 189lbs (with bench)

Lowrey InspireLowrey EY400 Inspire

The Inspire is your non-stop action packed Lowrey! A full featured Elite instrument is a real powerhouse! Thousands of presets are easily accessed thanks to the Full Color Touch Display.

  • EY400
  • Cherry or Heartland Oak
  • 51.25” Tall
  • 47.5” Width
  • 27.5” Depth
  • 301lbs (with bench)


Lowrey MarqueeLowrey EX5000 Marquee

The ultimate Virtual Orchestra has arrived! This is the instrument all others aspire to be. Lowrey’s finest achievement to date centers around the “Super Cinema Touch Sensitive Display”. Fewer buttons means less button pushing and more playing. It doesn’t get any better than the Marquee!

Graceful craftsmanship. Elegant details. Sophisticated. The custom design matches the motif and finish  the beloved Classic, & advanced E Series instruments.

  • EX5000
  • Cherry, Mahogany or Heartland Oak
  • 45” Tall
  • 54” Width
  • 29” Depth
  • 365lbs (with bench)

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