Lowrey Organs

Lacefield Music – the Authorized Lowrey Organ Dealer in Missouri. As the authorized Lowrey Dealer in Missouri, Lacefield Music’s factory-trained personnel will ensure you receive the full benefits of being a Lowrey owner. Our Lowrey Magic Classes are guaranteed fun for musicians of all ages and skills. Isn’t it time you stopped dreaming of making music and started actually doing …(more >>)

You Don’t Have to Be Pro to Play a Lowrey Organ – Anyone Can Do It!


Have you always wanted to learn to play music, but you don’t have the time for piano lessons or endless practice sessions? Then Lowrey organs are the perfect instrument for you! Lowrey’s unique Easy Play method allows even those who’ve never touched an instrument before to play their first song within minutes. With the Easy button, one finger on your left hand makes the sound of a full three-note chord!

Plus, anyone who buys a Lowrey organ receives free, automatic enrollment in the Lowrey Magic Class. This revolutionary educational program is the number one “Learn-to-Play” course for adults in the U.S. And the classes have proven to be as much about the people as they are about music. Students have made new friends, rekindled old friendships, and even met their future spouse in their local Lowrey Magic Class.

“I, with no talent, and Clovis with no interest, now have a whole new life. It was so hard for us to find things to do that we both had an interest in and we were both able to do. Our new life – the Lowrey Classes, friends, parties, and trips – provides it all. We now make music, and what a joy it is!” – Prue and Clovis Cleghorn

With Lowrey, it’s not about hitting the right note,

Lowrey Liberty #2Nor is it about being the best – it’s about enjoying the experience, having fun, and picking up some new skills and friends along the way.

  • Accessible Lowrey makes music accessible for everyone!
  • Incredible Sound The sounds produced by Lowrey instruments are authentic and rich. Listening to a Lowrey, you’d never know you were hearing an “easy play” instrument.
  • Easy to Use Lowrey instruments are so easy to use even those who’ve never touched an instrument before will be making beautiful music in minutes with their Lowrey organ.
  • Free Classes with Every Purchase The famous Lowrey Magic Classes are included free with every Lowrey purchase. Not only will Lowrey Magic Class teach you how to make music, but it’s also a great way to meet new people.
  • Fun, Fun, Fun Lowrey instruments are a fun addition to any home.

Lowrey Pianos – Making Music Fun & Easy for Everyone

For more than seventy years, Lowrey has been making home entertainment fun and easy. Always committed to ensuring music is accessible for everyone, Lowrey continues to innovate by pioneering new technology, introducing new products, creating new and exciting learning programs, and offering the largest product line in the industry. Designed in America, Lowrey organs are known for their authentic, rich sound and ease of use.

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