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Piano Out of Tune? Don’t Delay That Tune-Up

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   Ty Uphoff – Independent Technician

No one likes listening to an out of tune piano. When your piano is out of tune, not only will you get a poorer quality sound. But you can also lose your ear for proper pitch.

Tuning a piano requires making minute adjustments to the tensions of the strings of a piano. A piano is specifically designed to be tuned to the international pitch standard of A-440 cycles per second. Pianos need to be regularly tuned because the strings have very high tension on them, and they stretch as time passes, causing your piano to become flat. Many piano manufacturers recommend that pianos be tuned a minimum of twice a year.

Why Do I Need a Professional Tuning Service?

Though tuning a piano may seem easy enough, pianos are actually very complex instruments. And piano tuning requires specialized skills and equipment. Professional piano technicians are specifically trained to tune pianos to exact standards, & to recognize issues that may need to be addressed. It’s important to remember that unsuccessful amateur tune-ups and repairs can be expensive to fix, and may even decrease the value of your instrument. So save yourself the hassle, and leave this one to the pros.

Your piano will sound its best and give you and your family the most pleasure when it is tuned regularly and kept in proper playing condition. Here’s what you get from regular piano tunings:

  • Prevent long-term damage  If a piano is left too flat for too long, the piano may not be able to take the stress of increasing the string tension back up to Standard Pitch, meaning your piano may never be able to play in tune.
  • Save money  If your piano has gone several years without a tuning, it need more than one tuning to bring it back up to pitch. It might also require additional expensive repairs.
  • Find hidden problems  Piano technicians are trained to spot minor issues that you may not notice yourself. By having a qualified professional look inside your piano on a regular basis, you can fix these minor issues before they evolve into major damage.
  • A better quality sound  The fact of the matter is, pianos are more pleasant to play (and to listen to) when they are in tune.

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