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If you’re dreaming about playing a new piano in your own home, you may have a clear vision of which type you want. But make sure you familiarize yourself with all the piano types so you can make the best choice before you buy.

Piano Types: Which One Fits Your Needs?

Before you invest in a new piano, make a few assessments:

  1. Are you limited in space or pathway space to move a piano into your home? If so, you may want to consider a digital or vertical (upright) piano.
  2. Do you anticipate moving frequently in the future? If yes, a digital piano may be ideal for you.
  3. Are you planning to play concerts and entertain with your piano? If so, and you aren’t limited by space, you may want nothing less than the superior acoustic grand piano.
  4. Are you buying a piano for your child? Are you unsure of how much use your piano will really get? You may want to start with a digital piano for now.

LFM_8095When considering all these questions, you want to think about the present, but also the future. Of the many piano types, you want to choose one that will accommodate your music playing needs for years to come. Otherwise, you or your child may feel uninspired and lose interest in playing.

Particularly when buying for a child, you will want him or her to try several piano types in person so you can determine which one feels easy to play. That way, he or she will feel encouraged to stick with it. Also, will your child want to be able to create sounds of other instruments later and even make recordings? This may lead you to a digital piano.

Many piano shops offer a trade-up policy that will give you the full purchased price of your piano to be put towards another piano when you decide to upgrade eventually. This makes a fantastic option when the future remains unknown!

After assessing, you’ve probably narrowed down your options of piano types that fit your needs. Next, you can study those further to see what features you want!

Which Piano Type Do You Want?

Now that you’ve narrowed down which piano types fit your immediate and future needs, you can play around with which one delivers all your desires too!

For an unmatched concerto sound, invest in an acoustic grand piano, which produces a greater range of sustaining tones at a higher volume. Because of its horizontal design, the soundboard remains unblocked, allowing the sounds to envelop you as you play.

If you prefer a piano that takes up less space but still produces beautiful acoustic tones and comes in more unique cabinetry, you may enjoy an upright piano most. Plus many uprights now come with a practice pedal, allowing you to practice in privacy much like using headphones with a digital piano.

Now if you’re planning to play and produce into the future and/or while on the move, you may love the options a digital piano offers. With today’s technology, digital pianos can closely mimic the sounds of a grand piano, and come in either vertical or horizontal styles. Plus, they:

  • Weigh less, allowing more portability
  • Never need to be tuned
  • Allow you to play in private using the headphone jack
  • Let you create sounds of other musical instruments
  • Allow you to easily record your music to a USB device

If you still need help narrowing down your options, visit Lacefield Music, one of the area’s friendliest, most accommodating piano shops. We will encourage you to play several pianos before you decide. And with all pianos types in store, we’ll happily help you find the piano of your dreams, whether digital, upright or grand.

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