Playing by Ear vs Reading Music: Which Piano Technique Dominates?

Have you ever wondered whether playing by ear vs reading music is better? Especially if you’re considering taking piano lessons vs learning to play online, discover the pros and cons of each technique before you decide. Distinguishing the Differences in Playing by Ear vs Reading Music You will find musicians who play piano by ear but wished they could read …(more >>)

Taking Piano Classes > Do You Have the Talent or Teachability to Play?

Playing the piano has always appealed to you, and now you’re finally ready to give it a whirl. Or maybe your kid is begging to take lessons. It’s difficult to pull the trigger though because you’re wondering if you have (or your child has) the talent or teachability to play, and whether the investment in an instrument and piano classes …(more >>)

Retired Adult Keyboard Classes

It’s Never Too Late to Learn to Play Our Lowrey classes provide the perfect avenue for retired adults to learn to play music Did you once dream of learning to play piano or becoming a musician? Well, don’t give up on that dream just yet! Lacefield Music is proud to offer world-famous Lowrey Magic Classes for retired adults. …(more >>)

Private Piano Music Lessons

Private Piano Music Lessons Lacefield Music offers group and private piano music lessons (one-on-one) for the beginner to advanced student of all ages.  Every Lacefield Music location has a staff of talented private instructors available to you. Our teachers have taught in schools, some have professional performing experience, some have BAs or MAs in Music and some are simply life-long musicians. Only …(more >>)