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Shigeru Kawai Grand Pianos


The Shigeru Kawai Concert Series Pianos are the personal legacy of Shigeru Kawai who, prior to his passing in 2006, devoted his entire life’s work to the art of the piano. The unique instruments that bear his name are so elegantly designed and meticulously crafted that they are proudly characterized as The Premier Pianos of Japan.
Each Shigeru Kawai piano is specially handcrafted by the world’s most skilled piano artisans. Fewer than 250 are built each year—each one accompanied by a numbered Limited Edition plate to authenticate its individuality and a signed biography of the artisan who played the principal role in bringing it to life.


The Shigeru SK-2 Classic Salon Grand, like all pianos in the series, features the speed and responsiveness of the Millennium III™Action, Ideal for the home or any space where the performance demands the high tonal quality of a grand piano, but where the volume of sound generated by a larger model would detract from the audience’s enjoyment.

FINISHES: Polished Ebony, Polished Brown Sapeli Mahogany

  • Length:  5’11” (178cm)
  • Width:    5’1” (152cm)
  • Height:   3’4” (102cm)
  • Weight:  697lbs (317kg)

The Shigeru SK-3 Conservatory Grand has more power than the SK-2, & its richness of sound and tonal quality brings a superb concert sound to the home, a small hall, theater or church.  Its excellent dynamic range also makes it perfect for both advanced teaching & performing in the studio.

FINISHES:  Polished Ebony, Polished Brown Sapeli Mahogany

  • Length:   6’2” (186cm)
  • Width:    5’1” (152cm)
  • Height:   3’4” (102cm)
  • Weight:   719lbs (327kg)

The Shigeru SK-5 Chamber Grand offers a wondrous sound with the power and presence to make it an unrivaled addition to any professional venue, studio, home or intimate recital space.

FINISHES: Polished Ebony

  • Length: 6’7” (197cm)
  • Width: 5’1” (152cm)
  • Height: 3’4” (102cm)
  • Weight: 757lbs (344kg)

The Shigeru SK-6 Orchestra Grand is an instrument of profound beauty & character that will captivate both the eyes and ears in any performance setting.

FINISHES: Polished Ebony

  • Length: 7’0” (212cm)
  • Width: 5’1” (154cm)
  • Height: 3’4” (102cm)
  • Weight: 825lbs (375kg)

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