Cathy Krubsack

Cathy Krubsack-McReynolds

Founder and president of Lacefield Music.

Cathy learned to play the piano as an adult and she believes that anyone who has ever dreamed of playing should have that opportunity. In 1995, Cathy along with her son Steve, opened Lacefield Music in South County. Since, Lacefield Music has grown to three locations in the St. Louis metro area and is an award winning piano and organ retailer. Because of Cathy’s passion of bringing music into people’s lives regardless of age or previous experience, when you purchase a piano or organ at Lacefield Music you get FREE lessons for the rest of your life. Cathy met her husband, Jess McReynolds, when he enrolled at Lacefield Music to learn to play the piano!


Dwayne Hilton

Dwayne Hilton

Partner with Lacefield Music. Dwayne joined Lacefield Music in spring of 1996. He is the official organist for the St. Louis Cardinals, and also plays for Bayless Baptist Church. Dwayne was awarded the prestigious “Best Performance in Group” award at Kawai’s Keyboard Academy in San Pedro, CA.

You can find him at our South County store and if you ask nicely, he might play you a ballpark tune.



Carolyn Lacefield-UphoffCarolyn - Headshot


Carolyn is the Comptroller for Lacefield Music. In other words, She counts the beans. She, her husband Ty, & their 4 children live in St.Louis. She loves to spend time with Family & Friends, & sing. If there is karaoke, that is where you can find Carolyn, as well as the rest of singers from Lacefield Music. Carolyn has a heart felt passion for Autism, as well as Autism Awareness as her middle son, Mylan, has Autism.


Howard Kessler

Howard Kessler

Store Manager for our St. Charles location.

He has been with Lacefield Music since 2005.  An industry veteran, he cut his teeth in the piano and organ business with Ludwig Aeolian. Howard keeps his residence in Lake St. Louis. Howard is married to Linda and has four children. He loves watching sci-fi action movies and listening to St. Louis Cardinal baseball.

Howard loves progressive rock and is quite possibly the pickiest eater you will ever meet. He is affectionately known around here as “How-Weird”.




Brian Way

Brian Way

Brian is Lacefield Musics operations manager and has been with the company since 2006.

From the beginning he has shown the ability to take on a more challenging role at Lacefield Music.

His duties include managing inventory, scheduling deliveries, fleet vehicle maintenance and more. From the beginning, Brian has demonstrated a strong work ethic, an unmatched attention to detail, and a keen sense to customer satisfaction.

Originally from Nebraska, Brian is a life long Cornhuskers fan and a loving father of two sons.


Peggy Tosh

Peggy Tosh

Peggy Tosh keeps the South County store running. Steve and Dwayne depend on Peggy and are at a lost when she is not at the store. She keeps track of store needs, music, and so much more.

She is also a student and helps other students who come in for extra help. If you have question Peggy is the person to see in South County. Peggy is married to our Chesterfield assistant, Gary. They love visiting their daughters and grandkids.




Gary ToshGary Tosh

Gary is the assistant at our Chesterfield Mall store and keeps the store running smoothly. Inspired by the path his wife Peggy took, Gary joined Lacefield Music in 2012 when the Chesterfield Mall location opened.

Before that he served our country in the United States Air Force. Now retired from the Air Force, Gary enjoys jogging and spending time with Peggy, their kids, and grandchildren! Plus, he is also a Lacefield Music student! Stop by and see him!



Pete Hawkins

Pete Hawkins

Pete grew up in Bristol, England. He studied Classics at Oxford then came to California in 2010 to do an internship at UC Irvine. He now lives in Shiloh, IL with his cousin and three dogs. He tutors math and adult literacy through SWIC and teaching is his favorite part of working at Lacefield Music. Pete loves sport and almost all kinds of music, and as well as keyboard instruments he plays guitar and drums.




Robert O'BrienRobert O’Brien

A native of St. Louis, Rob graduated with a Bachelor of Music Education from the University of Missouri, St. Louis in 2009. He is an inspiring teacher who possesses an undying passion for music. He also feels that Lacefield Music is the perfect venue for him to share the knowledge and experience he has gained from years of music study and professional performance. Rob can be heard around the St. Louis area as he performs with many groups.




Heather Worthington

Heather was initially a piano student with Lacefield Music. She joined the Lacefield Music team in 2014. She plays on the Worship team at her church in Granite City, IL. She has a passion for both piano & organ, & loves sharing her love of both with clients & students alike. You can visit Heather at our South County store.  Her nickname is “Princess Opal”.





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