Upright Pianos

Every element of Kawai upright pianos is crafted with meticulous skill and care. Kawai artisans begin with great designs, & the finest materials. They can then create each instrument with a blend of advanced technology and skilled tradition. Kawai upright pianos feature the revolutionary Millennium III™ action featuring ABS-Carbon Action parts. This new composite material is incredibly sturdy and rigid, allowing Kawai to make …(more >>)

Upright Pianos – A Staple of the American Home

Kawai Upright Pianos at Lacefield MusicIt’s been said that necessity is the mother of invention. That is certainly true with upright or vertical pianos. With the rise in popularity of piano music, the piano became a coveted possession. However, the grand pianos of the time were often too bulky and too costly for the average middle-class family. They needed a more affordable alternative that would take up less space. Thus, the upright piano was born.

Because of its smaller footprint, the upright piano required fewer materials and could be built more quickly at a lower cost. This meant the average family could now afford to purchase a piano for the home. The upright piano has become a staple in the American home, and countless individuals have learned to play piano as a result.

“We simply could not be happier with our upright Kawai from Lacefield Music! Two points stand out in particular: 1)   Because of your commitment to us and your knowledge of the field, we got a better instrument and at a better price than we could have if we tried to go it alone on Craigslist. Thank you for that!  2)    I am almost allergic to ‘high pressure sales.’ Your primary interest, all along, was in sharing the joy of music. ‘Making a sale’ was secondary to that. Thank for that, as well! We look forward to coming back to Lacefield Music for piano lessons. In the meantime, God bless you and God bless Lacefield Music!” – Ed Hogan


Beautiful Tone at a Fraction of the Price

Upright pianos offer beautiful tone at a fraction of the cost of a grand piano. They also take up much less space – making them the perfect fit for most homes.

Upright pianos are available in a number of designs, sizes, and finishes. At Lacefield Music, you can select from upright pianos in a modern design, traditional design, Euro design, high gloss cabinets, wood cabinets, and more! Today’s uprights also come equipped with a practice pedal that allows you to practice any time of day or night without disturbing the rest of the home.

Why Buy an Upright Piano from Lacefield Music?

  1. High-quality craftsmanship
  2. Beautiful tone
  3. Fits perfectly in almost any room of your home
  4. A wide variety of sizes, finishes, and designs
  5. A fraction of the cost of a grand piano

With proper care and maintenance, your upright piano will provide a lifetime of enjoyment. It’s a family treasure that can be passed down from generation to generation.

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